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Welcome to Lazy Gamers

Welcome to Lazy Gamers help section,if you have a question or unsure how to use a feature you can read through this guide or contact us via the forums and we will help the best we can!

In this section you will learn how to :

  • Navigate and use the forums
  • Learn how to create teams and tournaments
  • Learn how to add pages to the wiki 
  • Learn what ideas are and how to use them
  • Learn how to properly add a link the directory
  • Learn how to add your live stream to the website

We will continue to add to the help section as the website grows. 

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About Us

Lazy gamers was established to help other players that have limited time choose an MMO game to play that's right for them. With up to date game guides and builds for many MMO games, reviews and tons of other features, we are sure you will fit right in!

Looking for Mods

Like helping fellow members out around the forums? We are always looking to find moderators and other important people for our forums,check out our app section to see more details.

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