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    What is the Role of a Moderator?
    The purpose of the forum is for people to help each other in various video games,chit chat and make some friends. Guidelines for the entire community are in place to fulfil that purpose, and the job of moderators is to keep the forum operating for its intended purpose. All moderation action is to that end. The following are guidelines on what to do as a moderator.
    Users or fellow contributors that are misbehaving/making bad suggestions should also be reported in the Moderator Forum, depending on how delicate/severe the situation is.
    Editing inappropriate content
    The following content is considered inappropriate:
    foul language person attacks spam links sensitive information (personal info, phone numbers, etc.) links to executable files Posts with inappropriate content should be edited to remove that content. Moderators will post a new comment to explain that inappropriate content has been removed as per Lazy Gamers Support rules and guidelines.
    Locking or deleting threads
    Moderators can lock threads or remove them completely according to the following guidelines:
    Locking threads
    Questions that are not about subjects covered in the support forum as defined in LAzy Gamers Support rules and guidelines should be locked, after tagging the question as off-topic and adding a reply explaining why. Duplicate threads should be locked after posting a reply with a link to the original thread. Threads that have completely degenerated will be reported to moderator. It will be up to the moderator to decide whether to lock the thread or not. If a solved thread is getting new replies from other users, moderators should lock the thread and post a new comment to explain that users with similar issues should post a new question  If an unsolved thread is getting new replies from other users seeking help, and the original poster hasn't replied in the thread for some time, post a new comment and  explain that users with similar issues should post a new question  Ask the original poster (OP) if he has resolved the issue or if he still needs help. Do NOT lock the thread, since the OP may still need help.

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